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Rules and Regulations

Opening hours

The main Library remains open from 8.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. on Monday to Friday.


Students, teaching staff and other employees of the institute, external faculty, other associated with institute activities are eligible to use the Library and Information Services. The participants of short orientation courses, persons with disability and their parents/guardians, general public can visit the library for reference only.

Borrowing of Library Materials

  • UG students can issue2 books i.e. (BOT, BPT, BPO and outside interne), PG students can issue 4 books i.e.(MOT, MPT, MPO and DNB students), Teaching staff /Faculty can issue 4 books and Non-Teaching staff can issue 2 books on their library tickets . These tickets are not transferable. The owner of the ticket will be responsible for any publications issued.
  • Books can borrow for 14 days by staff and for students its 7 days. No reference books will be issued outside the library. Teaching faculty , MPT, MOT ,MPO and DNB students can borrow the Journal for 7 days.
  • The loss of borrower’s tickets should be reported immediately in writing to the OIC/Librarian. Duplicate tickets will be issued on payments of 100/-. The responsibility of any publication borrowed against lost tickets remains with the owner.
  • Borrowed publications have to be returned to the library on or before the DUE DATE marked. Failing which an overdue charge as per the details mentioned below will be recovered.
    1. Rs. 1.00 per publication per day up to 7 days from the due date.
    2. Rs. 2.00 per publication per days from 8th to 30 days.
  • Books can be renew/reissue for 3 times by bringing them to the library if there is no reservation or demand for them by other users.
  • Borrowers will be responsible for publications returned in damaged conditions. They are requested to check them before issuing and report any damage to library staff.
  • No publication will be taken out of the library without proper issue. Disciplinary action will be taken on any students/staffs possessing library property removed unauthorisedly.
  • Assistant Library & Inf. Officer/Librarian can recall any publication on loan before the due date


  • No writing or marking should be made in the publications and no pictures page be removed or otherwise disfigured. In such a case the borrower/reader will be asked to pay latest cost of them.
  • The cost of the latest edition of any book damaged, defaced or lost will be recovered from the borrower. If a book is out of a set or of series and the volumes cannot be procured singly, the of the entire set of series will be recovered. If a single issue of Journal cannot be procured the cost of entire volume will be recovered.
  • In case of the price of Lost/Damaged publications are not ascertained, the borrower should pay the amount fixed by the OIC of library/Director.


  • Personal belonging (bags, files, umbrellas etc.), personal printed materials (books, journals etc.) will not be allowed inside the library. They have to be kept it in the property counter (pigeon holes) outside the library near the entrance gate.
  • To provide the peaceful atmosphere mobile phones are not allowed inside the library.
  • Every reader must sign in the Register kept at the entrance of the Library.
  • The library premises should not be used for any purpose other than reading or consulting publication of the library.
  • Smoking, sleeping and spitting inside the library are strictly forbidden.
  • No students shall be allowed to keep the library books with him/her during the Puja, Christmas vacations, Study tours etc. and any other long holidays. The staffs must return all publications before they proceed on long leave or camps.
  • After completion or discontinuation of the course every student and every staff on resignation/retirement must return all publications borrowed and the library borrower tickets and must obtain NO DUES/CLEARANCE from librarian and countersigned by the Information and Documentation Officer.
  • Director’s decision on any matter shall be final and binding on every user.
  • The rules and regulations of the Electronic Information Services are also part of these rules.
  • Every user of the LIC is supposed to have carefully read these rules and regulations.

Rules(in brief) to be followed in the Evening Hours (5.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.)

  • No book can be taken out of the Library for any purpose. Disciplinary action will be taken on any student/staff possessing a book removed unauthorised.
  • There may be crowed at the opening and closing time, power failure etc. Students should have to come in queue to maintain the discipline.
  • Readers should come in a decent dress and no one is allowed in night dress/ Lungi, half pant etc.
  • During the power failure users must behave properly.
  • Students should not spoil, destroy, deface/disfigure any of the library/institute property.